4-7 June


The largest industrial event in Poland and Central-Eastern Europe – a block of trade shows consisting of ITM Poland, Subcontracting, 3D Solutions and Modernlog, where people, things and machines seem to become one cooperative whole. The industrial meetings in June will engage you in the world of 4.0 Industry (Towards 4.0 Industry).

ITM Poland is a presentation of innovative machines and technologies organized around six thematic exhibitions: Mach-Tool (machines & tools), Surfex (surface treatment technologies), Hape (hydraulics, pneumatics and drives), Metalforum (metallurgy, foundry and metal industry), Welding, Work Safety in Industry Exhibition,  Reserch for Industry (legacy of research institutes).

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Industrial SUBCONTRACTING Exhibition is a venue to make new contracts related to the machining of metals, plastics and rubber as well as other services for the industry. The Subcontracting Meetings which are direct and pre-arranged talks between customers and contractors are the key element of the trade show.

FOCAST Foundry Forum

A comprehensive offer of foundries, producers of machines and devices, and science and research institutes.

MODERNLOG – Trade Fair of Logistics, Transport and Storage

Innovative solutions and technologies related to logistics, storage and transport.


The latest spatial print technologies, presentation of 3D printers, print-outs and scanners, counselling services and a possibility to get familiar with the technology live.

An invitation or an admission ticket for the whole block of trade shows allows one to enter the fairgrounds and see all the exhibitions of ITM POLAND, SUBCONSTRACTING, 3D SOLUTIONS and MODERNLOG.

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