4- 7 June

The largest industrial event in Poland and Central and Eastern Europe - the block of ITM POLSKA, SUBCONTRACTING, 3D SOLUTIONS AND MODERNLOG, during which people, things and machines appear as one cooperating entity. The June meetings of the industrial sector will draw you into the world of Industry 4.0.

MODERNLOG - Trade Fair for Logistics, Warehousing and Transport
Innovative technological solutions in the field of logistics, storage and transport.
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ITM Polska is a presentation of innovative machines and technologies within 7 thematic stores: Mach-Tool (machine tools and tools), Surfex (surface treatment), Hape (hydraulics, pneumatics, drives), Metalforum (metallurgy, metallurgy, metal industry), Welding ( welding), Work Safety in Industry, Science for the Economy (scientific achievements of research institutes).
Trade Fair of Industrial Cooperation SUBCONTRACTING
Place of contracting for subcontracting in the field of metal, plastic and rubber processing as well as broadly understood services for industry. The key element of the fair is the cooperative meetings of Subcontracting ITM Meetings - direct, previously arranged, concrete talks between the buyer and the contractor.

The admission ticket purchased for the abovementioned block of the fair entitles you to enter the fairgrounds and see the exposition of all the trade fairs held between 4-7.06.2019: ITM POLSKA, SUBCONTRACTING, 3D SOLUTIONS and MODERNLOG.
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